Guest Post - 5 Major Mistakes you Can Make With Online Dating

Guest Post - 5 Major Mistakes you Can Make With Online Dating

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A slight departure from my usual material, but when someone hands you a guest post on a silver platter, you take it and run with it! Besides, this is likely the only useful post you will find on this site...

5 Major Mistakes you Can Make With Online Dating

Online dating is a minefield which can be exciting, weird, and also a little scary at times. Certain types of people need to be avoided at all costs, while other good matches might not pop onto your radar at all. Doing this properly involves setting up your profile in a certain way, having contact only with the right types of members, and avoiding face-to-face meetings that may be cringeworthy. Here is some advice that can help you avoid the serious dating disasters that Melanie from loves to write about...

Presenting Pictures that Don''t Represent What You Look Like
The first thing anyone will notice about your online profile is your picture. It needs to capture the attention of other singles, but also present you in the in the right way. It is important to upload a set of images that shows you as you really are. You main profile picture needs to make you look good in order to strike up some interest. While, the rest of your pictures should accurately show what your face and body really look like. Your pictures might show a range of activities that you enjoy. Like playing sports or an instrument, or hanging out with your group of friends. The blog on states that members who had a profile picture which showed them engaging in a hobby like playing guitar made them twice as likely to be contacted. Poor picture selection can also lead to problems when you are getting ready to meet up. If the person you are meeting doesn''t have an accurate idea of who you are, they might feel deceived. This can start the whole thing on the wrong foot and turn any potential romance into a dud.

Not Telling the Truth on Your Online Profile
A common problem with online dating is that people might not be honest. From pictures, to employment, people will lie about all kinds of things on these sites. The anonymity of the internet makes certain people feel as though they can get away with not telling the truth and avoid paying any consequences for it. Avoiding these people is essential to be successful in online dating. You only have to be deceived once to be jaded to the whole experience. Being honest is extremely necessary if you are hoping to make any serious connections.

Getting Obsessed with The 1st Person You Contact
The main thing that makes online dating fun is the sheer number of single people you can have contact with. There are so many types of people that you can meet, so why should you get attached to the first one you email? You should be contacting "alot" of people. This can help you get a feel for what is available and what interests you. Chat with these people for a little while, before you start up a phone conversation. It may take more than just one or two emails to get a feel for who is on the other end. Get to know them before you make real world contact.

Having a Long First Face-To-Face Meeting
The biggest blunder in online dating is setting up a long date the first time you meet up. People that have more experience with this understand why it can be important to have a quick meeting, before you commit to a longer engagement. Connecting with someone through email doesn''t give you a proper feel for who they are as a person. Two complicated personalities may fit together fine in an email conversation, but might not click in face to face meeting. Setting a short 15 minute meetup for coffee or an activity of a similar time frame is perfect. This gives you time to see the person as they really are, but doesn''t commit you to anything more. If something doesn''t feel right to you, you can easily move on to the next person.

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