Becoming a CNA Milwaukee

Becoming a CNA Milwaukee

One of the most promising careers is to be a certified nursing assistant Milwaukee and more and more people are getting the necessary training in order to be able to work in this challenging field.

The primary task of a CNA is to provide assistance to the nurses in performing their duties in the course of a day. Depending on what department in the hospital you are assigned to, the responsibilities per day can be quite varied yet highly rewarding. This position is the quickest way to get your foot in the door in the medical field. There are various things needed in order to be able to practice as a certified nursing assistant Milwaukee.

To get the necessary training as a CNA, there are a number of schools and training programs that you can sign up for. There is the Milwaukee Area Technical College, which offers a nurse training program under the School of Health Sciences department. Waukesha County Technical College is another option to consider.

Not everyone can be a CNA. You must have the right disposition to patiently deal with other nurses, doctors and patients. You can’t be squeamish and you must have a desire to help others. You must have a pleasing personality. Many schools accept students who have completed basic education and are at least 16 years of age. Aside from these, there are other requirements that are needed.

Requirements to be a CNA Milwaukee:

  • Complete a certified nursing assistant training program from a technical school or other accredited facility. This is a minimum of 120 hours, which translates to about a four week program. The cost of the class ranges from $500 to $800, depending on the school you go to. The class also includes some clinical time, where you get hands on practice under the guidance of a Registered Nurse.
  • You can also get free on the job training at a nursing facility provided you work at the facility.
  • Pass the State exam to get your certification called the CNA certification test. The exam is a written test that is done at an accredited testing facility.
  • For those who come from other states, CNAs need to take a state competency test to be able to practice as a CNA in Milwaukee. Reprocity is practiced and recognized in the state.
  • Ensure that the license is updated regularly and that you become state registered with the Wisconsin Nurse Aid Registry, Wisconsin Department of Healthy- Division of Quality Assurance Office of Caregiver Quality. You can send inquiries and information to P.O. Box 2969, Madison, WI 53701, or call the office at (608) 261-8319. You can also send an email to
  • You must be able to read, write and understand English and you must be able to execute instructions carefully and correctly.

Benefits of becoming a CNA Milwaukee

  • The salary of a CNA is at a median average of about $20,000.
  • There are flexible work hours, in some cases, you can have up to three days off after working continuous shifts.
  • It’s a challenging career because you get to be forefront delivering medical assistance to those in need. No two work days are alike.
  • You get the benefit of providing a much needed service to patients in need.
  • You are surrounded by a network of other medically trained professionals such as nurses, doctors, surgeons and other people working in the medical field. At the same time, you get to interact with a number of interesting patients or all ages.

There are many job opportunities for a CNA Milwaukee.

  • Hospitals such as Columbia St. Mary’s, Aurora Lakeland Medical Center and Wheaton Franciscan Health Care
  • Nursing homes such as Sunrise Care Center, VMP Manor Park and Milwaukee Catholic Home
  • Hospice center such as Horizon Home Care and Hospice and Asera Care Hospice
  • Clinics

Contact technical schools in your neighborhood or go online to find other resources to help you become a certified nursing assistant Milwaukee, so you can be on your way to joining this challenging field.